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Looking to host an engagement party, corporate retreat, or celebration of any kind?

Let Sedona Picnics take care of your event, from planning to set-up to multi-course meals and cleanup - could it get any easier? 

Our team is lucky to have Jordan Rhode as Sedona Picnics' chef, whom we can attest to makes the yummiest food (and is just a cool dude!)  Please contact us to get a quote for your next party so you can just focus on hosting the most epic event.

Jordan Rhode

Food should look great, and make you feel even better. Chef Jordan Rhode with "Out of Soup" found his love for food long before his career in cooking ever started. Jordan's cooking resume contains everything from working as a short-order cook and writing recipes to collaborating with local restaurants and other chefs. Jordan is an avid foodie, constantly elevating new, nutritious cuisine. While working with him, he will emphasize the importance of healthy living in a way that will delight you and your group. Ranging from private dinners for you and your family, meal prep, and even one-on-one cooking lessons; Jordan wants to work with you and your dining needs to create an experience you won't ever forget.  
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